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We know that many people find the process of getting a website built can be a daunting task so we try to make the process as easy as possible.
From looking after all the graphic design elements & setting you up with hosting to designing you a really beautiful & functional website and making a video to embed on your site or social media, we can look after everything under one roof.

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Below are guidelines as to what you can expect to pay for our services. We are also open to barter of services and swapping skills so don’t be put off if you think our prices are too high for you!


Website design & Build

Having an online presence is hugely important today. If you do not have an online presence you are potentially losing out on a huge customer base, and having an online shop means that you don’t have to wait until the tourist season to sell your wares!

We start the process off with a questionnaire for all potential clients. This is  beneficial to both clients and to us. For us it helps create a clear picture of what you need, whether we are the right people for the job and, very importantly, how much it will cost. For you it can help in trying to visualise what kind of website you would like and to start seeing your business in terms of an online presence.

All website builds are responsive, are optimised for basic SEO, and include 1 training session tailored to suit client needs.

We have worked on numerous websites under the LEO Online Trading Voucher scheme which will reimburse you 50% of the cost of a build should you be eleigible – More details here

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Media & Content Creation

Having good quality content on your website is vital to engaging your audience and customers. Whilst text is necessary, Google loves video and images, both of which can be a great way of boosting your SEO and engagement with your audience.

A well made video can be used to highlight and showcase the services your business offers. People visiting a website will view and engage with a video 80% more than they will stay to read text (are you reading this now or are you looking at the video?). We generally advise that a video be kept short and to the point to avoid waning interest from viewers, but if you are looking for something longer we can certainly discuss the options and come up with a plan!

Good photographs and imagery are essential for a good looking and engaging website, but, not all photographs need to be original photographs of your business. If you don’t need custom photography we can guide you in choosing suitable images for your site from a large bank of resources which can work out a lot cheaper – and sometimes free!

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Graphic design

Branding is not only for the big companies like Apple and Google, every business should have branding on some level, whether it’s a font, a colour, a picture or even a person – every business should have something that marks it out from it’s competitors and that describes itself. Some of the best branding (like Google & Apple) can be deceptively simple but hugely effective.

We love to make logos, they build a picture of your brand and can tie your whole digital and real world presence together. We also make brochures, flyers, posters, roadside signs, social media banners, tickets….you name it and we will design it!

If you need something for print we can work with your favoured printer or we can suggest a suitable printer for the job if you don’t have a preferred printer.

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hosting, Updates & training

Domain name and hosting are necessary parts of building your online presence. Whether it’s a .ie or a .com you need, we can help guide you in choosing a suitable domain name and hosting plan. We can set up and manage your hosting for you, or we can work with whatever hosting you already have in place – whatever is suitable for you, works for us!

Security is an ongoing issue for all websites and they need to be protected from hackers. There are several measures that can be taken to increase the security of your site. A secure and stable host provider is a great starting point and we recommend Siteground as a web host provider for your WordPress sites. Your site should be updated regularly in order to keep it’s defences strong against any hackers.

We can set you up with site back ups, regular updates and security to keep your site going strong.

We also provide training in how to manage your WordPress site. Training sessions are customised to what you feel comfortable with and how much you feel you need to know. We can teach you how to boost your SEO rating with Google over time, how to change and edit text, how to add images and, very importantly, how to manage your online shop

For More detail on all of the above please See Pricing


Website Design
The design and build of a 5-7 page catalogue website using WordPress as the Content management system.

A catalogue website is a brochure site to showcase and describe your business and usually has about 5 pages along the lines of ‘Home, About, Services, Prices & Contact’

FROM €700

We build online stores using WordPress with WooCommerce powering the shop and PayPal is used as the payment gateway.
The cost of a shop can go up (or down) depending on certain factors such as:

  • how many products there will be,
  • what kind of shipping system you want to implement,
  • payment systems,
  • the type of products you are selling.

WordPress online shops, once set up, can be easily managed – even with just a small bit of computer knowledge, and they are a vital way to keep your business in the eye of your customers.

FROM €1400

Any extra elements or functionality beyond a standard build will be charged on an hourly or daily basis

Non-Standard customisations would include elements such as weight based shipping, stripe payments onsite or any tailor made specific requests or functionality

€30 per hour / €150 per day

Content Creation
1-3 minute video of your services / business. Price will increase depending on how many locations need to be filmed and how many days editing are involved.
Video is a great way to engage your audience and to clearly and succinctly show off your services. Video is also great for SEO as Google recognises that uses tend to choose to look at video instead of reading reams of text

From €700

Photographing your business for your website or for print media.

Good professional photographs of you, your business and your services are essential in todays marketplace. Consumers want to see and know as much as possible about the items they are buying or the service they are researching.
Photographs are a great way of showing you and your business off to your new and returning clients.

From €200 for 1 photo shoot and €30 per hour editing

We can create original podcasts to be broadcast on your website and we can also create original scores for video pieces.

From €200

Hosting & Training

We can set up your domain name and hosting for you using tried and tested reliable vendors in the industry. Our setup fee includes domain name registering , setup of hosting plan, creation of ftp account, creation of WP database and installation of WordPress.

Costs including setup fee:

.ie domain + hosting set up for a small online business @ €120 first year then €70 per annum

.ie domain + hosting set up for a med online business @ €150 first year then €100 per annum domain setup + hosting set up for a small online business from €100 first year then €60 per annum domain setup + hosting set up for a med online business from €130 first year then €90 per annum


If you would prefer to setup your own domain and hosting here are a few tips to help you along. Keep in mind getting a low quality hosting package could end up costing you more in the long road as slow services will eat into your web designers time. The vendors mentioned below are who we feel are the best in the industry at the moment ticking all the boxes for speed, service, quality, support and value for money.

The IE registry’s rules are somewhat stricter than those for .com’s etc., but normally proof of entitlement will suffice. You will need your CRO registration if using the business name, or a letter on headed paper outlining your entitlement to the name.

We recommend Blacknight for your IE domain with prices starting at only 19.99 per year.

For non .ie domains we recommend Siteground who offer a free non .ie domain with all hosting plans.


For small online sites that wont exceed 10,000 visits a month we recommend the Siteground startup hosting plan @ only €3.95 per month. SET UP NOW

For medium sized eCommerce websites that will exceed 25,000 visits per month we recommend the GrowBig hosting Plan @ only €6.95 per month SET UP NOW

For larger websites expecting to exceed 100,000 visits per month you will require something more robust and we can recommend GoGeek @ only €11.95 per month. SETUP NOW

WordPress Security and Maintenance.

All websites are fundamentally identical in the fact they all have a header, a footer, a menu, a content area, a sidebar and so on. So instead of re-inventing the wheel with every web development job the WordPress community came together and created the WordPress framework. This allows web designers to bypass the Framework development stage and is the very reason you end up with a high spec website for a fraction of the price.

But there is one catch, because of the popularity of WordPress and the predictable framework it has become a target for hackers and spammers. But don’t fret the WordPress Community are always steps ahead of them with frequent security updates freely available to counteract any possible threats way in advance. These hackers mainly prey on sites that are not updated regularly.

To keep your site safe all you have to do is be vigilant in keeping your theme, WP version and plugins up to date. As an added layer of security we can apply extra precautions such as hiding the fact your site runs on Wordpress. This will hide your login page which will defend against brute force login attempt. It will hide what versions you are using so if you do fall behind on updates you will still be safe.

If you are serious about your business you should be serious about your website. For less than a €1 a day we provide a security and maintenance package that includes:

  • Hiding the fact you are using WordPress without compromising the site appearance
  • 24hr monitoring of website and notification about any bad behaviour with full detail of attacker (username, IP, Page, Date, etc)
  • Constant review and updating of IP blacklist which will blocked all known bad IP’s
  • Quarterly Site backup
  • Quarterly Site Update – WordPress Version, Theme and Plugins
  • Quarterly deep website scans of all the files for Virus/Malware detection and removal.

The above will be carried out every three months @ €75 per session or for a once off session @ €100.

All web builds come with a free training session (depending on your location) and usually lasts about an hour, not more than 2.

Some people need more time, another session, or just want more indepth knowledge about their site – which we can certainly accommodate.

€30 per hour / €150 per day

Graphic Design
A logo is vital for your brand and identity as a business.

We will design a logo for use in print and on the web and we can set up letterheads and business cards for you using your logo

From €200

The price can vary depending on how much original graphic design elements you would like us to produce for use in a poster or brochure and also on how many pages a brochure will have.

A general rule of thumb is €30 per hour or €150 per day, but once you contact us with your requirements we will be able to give you a quote based on the work that needs to be done.

Custom graphic design jobs such as road side posters, facebook banners, catalogues will be taken on a case by case basis

€30 per hour or €150 per day

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