SEO Guidance Part 3

tree-200795_640We find that all our clients are interested in SEO and what they can do themselves to improve their rankings with Google. We are going to be posting some simple (and maybe some not so simple) tips and guides to certain things that you can do to help improve your SEO rating with Google.

The first thing that you need to do is get your own domain name and your own hosting. Google generally prefers to point people in the direction of serious and trustworthy sites and sites that have their own domain and hosting would generally be considered more trustworthy and serious than those without.

If you are selling or marketing your site specifically towards an Irish market you should seriously consider getting a .ie domain name as they will rank higher in an Irish search than a .com. A .ie domain is a little bit more expensive and harder to obtain than a .com domain, but this is also what lends it it’s authority, especially in the eyes of the user – your customers!

If you would like any help with setting up your domain name and hosting  Cruthú Creative can help you with it. We know that a lot of people find the language and process a bit daunting or simply just don’t want to deal with that side of things, so we can help you out if you need it. Just contact us and let us know what you need help with.

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