How to register a .ie

How to register a .ie domain

To many people (very understandably) the world of domain registration and web hosting can be a frustrating and confusing place.

If you want to attract local Irish customers, a .ie domain could be the best way to start your online business. Registering a .ie domain can be a little bit more involved than buying a .com, but it can be well worth it, as a .ie can lend a certain gravitas to your website and your business that a .com doesn’t always.

It’s not that hard to register a .ie and it’s something that we here at Cruthú Creative can do for you once you supply us with the necessary details and documents – or you can do it yourself. Have a look at this online guide to the documents you need for registering a .ie domain and follow the instructions.

There is also a handy tool at the top of the page where you can check if your desired domain name is available to purchase. Once you have secured and purchased your desired domain name, you then need to get your website built and look into getting it hosted…and then your online business can begin!