Using Video to Promote Your Business Online

Normal service has resumed! Happy New Year to everyone – we hope you all made it through the festivities (and the weather) in one piece! Here at Cruthú Creative we are looking forward to getting stuck into making some short promotional videos, getting online shops up and running and generally getting more businesses online in 2014. Here are just 2 … Read More

Powerful Poetry In Motion

Neil Hilborn – “OCD” (Rustbelt 2013) Came across this pretty spectacular poetry in motion today. Neil Hilborn performing during Individual Finals at the 2013 Rustbelt Regional Poetry Slam in which he expresses the finding and loss of love through the lens of his own OCD.

Makers & Creators

Beach Creatures: Theo Jansen and his Strandbeests I saw this some time ago and someone just reminded me of it again – apart from it being quite beautiful, it’s also very inspirational – where would we be without all the makers and creators of the world

More Pixels!

The Pixel Painter from The Pixel Painter on Vimeo. I know it seems long at 8 minutes – but it’s well worth sitting through this inspiring and beautiful short film about Hal Lasko, aka The Pixel Painter.

How Custom Video Content on your Website Can Boost Sales

I have been doing some research into statistics and consumers in relation to custom video content, and the facts and figures are really very interesting (in as much as facts and figures CAN be interesting). I think that the general consensus is that we are only beginning to realise the power of video content on websites, social media and in … Read More

Why Images and Video are so Important for your Website

Here are some interesting statistics taken from an article on Images and Video are really becoming the best way to engage with your audience for many online businesses.     Articles with images get 94% more total views Including a Photo and a video in a press release increases views by over 45% 60% of consumers are more likely … Read More