7 resources for Free Public Domain and CCO-Licensed Images to use on your website

great resources for free imagery around the internet


Whilst we believe that investing in original professional photography for your services or website is of huge importance, we also realise that not everyone starting off can afford it. So what do you do to make your site look professional even though you cannot afford to invest in original photography straight away? You can use CCO- Licensed images (Creative Commons) or Free Public Domain images

  1. Unsplash has consistently high quality images on it’s site. Their stock comes from photographers who submit their images to the site and do not require the users to credit them.
  2. Public Domain Archive has thousands of old and new images to explore, download and use.
  3. New Old Stock is another public domain archive with vintage photos from the public archives free of known copyright
  4. SkitterPhoto is another great source of images – both CCO and Free Public Domain – these also might be a bit less recognisable about the internet than some other popular sites as they feature works from their own photographers.
  5. Barn Images is a site featuring CCO images that, again, might be a bit less recognisable than some other images used form popular sites as most of the images featured are by the 2 photographers who set up the site themselves.
  6. SplitShire was set up by photographer Daniel Nanescu who has put his unused photographic files out there in the public domain for free usage – very generous!
  7. Pixabay is a very user friendly site with thousands of free images and graphics available to use.