Google SEO Guide Part 2 – 2 Easy and Effective Ways to Optimise Images on your Website for SEO


how-to-optimise-images-for-SEOUsing The ‘Alt’ Attribute

All images have an ‘alt’ attribute.

It basically means ‘alternative text’ and it allows you to specify text for an image if it cannot be displayed for some reason.Sometimes images do not load into a users browser correctly, or their browser simply may not support images – in these cases the ‘alt’ attribute can still provide information to the user about the images on your site.



Optimising image filenames along with the ‘alt’ text makes it easier for Google Image Search to understand images on your website and to catalogue and list them correctly.

Both are very simple and easy ways to ensure your images are optimised for SEO.

See the Google SEO Starter Guide for more information

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